One Second Slicer – All in One Vegetable Slicer and Food Preparation Station with multiple blades


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  • Chop your vegetables within seconds without hassle and mess
  • The Nicer Dicer Plus multi-chopper set has everything you need for cutting, dicing, grating, and slicing
  • Ultra-sharp blades made of stainless steel for precise and safe cuts
  • Easy cleaning with self-cleaning function under running water or in the dishwasher
  • Safe transport and storage of food with the fresh-keeping lid
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Preparing fresh food is often connected with taking a lot of time and effort. Whether cubes, batons, slices, quarters, and much more, the Nicer Dicer Plus significantly reduces this time!

Not only does cutting food take a lot of time, it also requires countless kitchen gadgets such as knives, bowls, and cutting boards. These extra utensils often take up much storage space and you do not always have them available. The Nicer Dicer Plus Compact makes this all a thing of the past – you’ve got everything you need in one practical set!
There are 11 different cutting variations to choose from: large, medium and small cubes and batons, thin and thick slices, quarters, eighths and grated food!
Cleaning is a cinch: Simply rinse under running water or in the dishwasher!

Nicer Dicer Plus by Genius |

The set contains the following parts

1 x Cutting upper part with square pegs
1 x Cutting lower part
1 x Transparent storage container (size 1 = 1,500 ml)
1 x Fresh-keeping lid for the storage container
1 x Blade insert (6 mm x 6 mm / 12 mm x 12 mm)
1 x Blade insert (6 mm x 36 mm / 18 mm x 18 mm)
1 x Blade insert for quarters and eighths
1 x Cutting stamp
1 x Part cover for all blade inserts
1 x Grating insert (coarse grater) with cover
1 x Slicing insert with blade protection
1 x Food holder with guide
1 x Perfect peeler

Collecting container with a stay-fresh lid

  • The collecting container allows the direct cutting and storage of food to keep things tidy while cutting.
  • Its stay-fresh lid lets you save space storing food (stackable) but also keeps food fresh and transports it safely. The container can naturally also be used to serve food in – prepare now, use later!
  • Non-slip feet on the bottom ensure it remains firmly in place on your work surface.

Grating insert

  • Extra sharp thanks to an etching procedure!
  • Coarsely grated food is ideal for highlighting the flavour of certain ingredients, such as cheese in a wrap or carrots in salad.
  • Protective cover: Prevent injuries and avoid damage to the grating surface!

Blade inserts – Blades made of extremely sharp, hardened G-NOX-quality stainless steel for perfect results!

Blade insert (6 mm x 6 mm / 12 mm x 12 mm) 

Spring onions, garlic, onions, jalapenos, chilies for dips, salsa or sauces. Gherkins, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes for salads, vegetable dishes or as ingredients for soups and a whole lot more…

Blade insert (6 mm x 36 mm / 18 mm x 18 mm) 

Onions e. g. for cooking for stews or onion sauces; paprika, zucchini, mushrooms for raw vegetable salads or wok dishes; potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes for salads or vegetable dishes; ham or boiled breast of chicken; apples, pears, peaches, apricots, pineapples, melons, papaya, mango or bananas for fruit salads – and lots more…

Blade insert for quarters and eighths 

Potatoes for potato wedges or boiled potatoes; tomatoes for tomato salads or vegetable plates; eggs (boiled) for snacks with egg; cucumbers, radishes, zucchini for salads, vegetable dishes and plates; mushrooms or others for mushroom dishes, pans of mushrooms or salads; cheeses (Gouda, Edam, Emmental cheese, – and lots, lots more.

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One Second Slicer - All in One Vegetable Slicer and Food Preparation Station with multiple blades


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