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This spring acupressure slipper is a very powerful slipper which focuses on the reflexology zones that affects every vital organ in the body. The slippers nodes have varying tensions releases which depend on the organ zone targeted. The Red nodes contain powerful magnets for extra reflexology/magnet therapy at specific points thus providing more holistic health benefits. Also, the inside of each spring node is lined with Nano-silver so that when walking the friction of the moving spring releases silver particles which have antiseptic and deodorizing to minimize foot odors.  The adjustable strap keeps foot secure to provide best contact with acupressure nodes of the slipper. This acupuncture foot massager slipperhelp reduces stress and tension in the Neck and Shoulder, improves circulation, prevent leg cramps and provides reflexology therapy that will benefit the whole body. Available in sizes of – (38-39, 40-41, 42-43, 44-45)

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The  foot reflex slippers facilitate a deep overall relaxation of the body,utilizes traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment to improve your health. Slippers has 82 massaging tips to stimulate different acupuncture points when walking. Stimulates and revitalizes your body with just 15 minutes of daily use. Made from high-quality rubber and textured plastic to ensure durability and effectiveness. 

 . It improves blood circulation and prevents leg cramps

.  Reduce stress and tension in neck and shoulders

.  Get refloxology and acupunture therapy effortlessly and inexpensively everyday.

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